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 CompTracker Blog 
Thursday, November 05 2009

On November 18th, Great Big Solutions will be a proud participant at the Innovations in Health Care Expo ( at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (  We were selected from hundreds of applicants to present CompTracker to a large industry audience.  The selection committee was looking to showcase groundbreaking initiatives in health care.  This honour recognized Great Big Solutions as an innovator in health information management at a national level.

The information technology revolution is changing the way all services can be provided.  The opportunities in health care alone are profound and impressive.  Enthusiastic adopters have used CompTracker to strive to make the best possible work environment for health science educators and students.  An innovative training environment plays an important role in teaching and retaining talented individuals in health care.  By automating their administrative work, CompTracker allows educators to focus their time on training rather than completing paperwork.

CompTracker has truly come a long way from the first paramedic program that was looking for PDAs to be an alternative to log books seven years ago.  Now completely web-enabled and on trendy mobile devices like iPhones, iPods too, CompTracker is found in a diverse range of health science programs on more than 20 colleges across the country.

Look for the GBS booth in the Innovations Expo.  It is part of the Health Achieve 2009 Exhibition (, the largest national health industry trade show.  We welcome a chance to discuss ways to make health science education even more efficient.

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Wednesday, October 21 2009

Blackberry, Apple, Palm, Windows, Google - all the big names of smartphones are battling it out to win the social media game with their new and improved handsets.

"Smartphones are going mass market, fuelled by the public's "insatiable appetite" for social media, analysts say."

This article explains that despite the worldwide economic crisis, smartphone sales are still booming - with no signs of slowing down soon. 

"The mobile internet is at the same stage as the internet was in 1998," (and we all know how that one turned out...)

Canada is behind the charge since mass market usage of data-centric devices means we have to be able to afford the transfers.  The current monopolized cell phone usage rates in Canada restricts our cell phone users to capitalize on full use of new technology available.

"It is no longer about whether a phone can access the internet but how well."


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Wednesday, August 12 2009

From the RN Journal, Jennifer Predhomme (BScN) reports on the effects that have been shown in testing PDA use in the Hospital setting.  A great analysis from both sides, including the identification of risks of introducing a PDA program into a hospital.  Her findings may surprise you:

How Personal Digital Assistants Can Increase the Quality of Nursing Care Provided in the Hospital Setting

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Thursday, July 30 2009

I for one, am extremely excited about this news.  It has been too long that Canada has been held hostage by the current providers and their restrictions on rates and data plans.  Especially when it comes to expanding businesses and innovation, we need to have access to the affordable technology options that our international competitors have, in order to maintain our presence as a globally competitive nation.

TORONTO and PARIS, July 29, /CNW/ -- Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and
NYSE: ALU) has been awarded a multi-million dollar, three-year contract to
help build Globalive Wireless' new nationwide 3G mobile network in Canada.

Globalive is focused on launching a new national wireless operation,
serving consumers across Canada.  In 2009 Globalive was awarded spectrum
licenses by Industry Canada after successfully bidding more than CDN $442
million in the government's Advanced Wireless Services auction.

"Our commitment is to provide Canadian consumers with unmatched value.
For that we need future-ready technology that enables the delivery of
high-capacity, cost-effective IP-based services," said Ken Campbell, Chief
Executive Officer of Globalive Wireless. 

Read the full article here:

and see Globalive's website for more announcements AND your opportunity to send them your requests:

Happy Tracking!


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