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 CompTracker Blog 
Friday, August 26 2011


Thank you again to everyone who completed a CompTracker Customer Survey in April. We appreciate your feedback and your kudos. Please see an overview of the most noteworthy results below.

Marking Time, Logistical Management & Workload

(See figure 1 below)
  • 72% of you overall experienced a reduction of at least 20% in all of the above
  • 44%, the largest, single respondent group said Marking and Logistics were reduced by between 40 - 50%

Figure 1

Job Satisfaction

(See Figure 2 below)
  • 78% of you overall said your Job Satisfaction rated at least a 3 out of 5 as a result of using CompTracker
  • 48%, the largest, single respondent group rated their Job Satisfaction 4 out of 5

Figure 2

***We'd like to do even better, so Contact Us to set up a consultation!

3 Changes You Suggested

1) User friendliness: Enhancing the look, navigation and 'intuitiveness.' Everyone wants to look better, including us! This year, we’re going to be making even more changes to enhance the look and feel of CompTracker. We've made a start with the new competency grid and colour-coded achievement, and are always looking for your input and examples to continue the enhancements.

2) Performance: Speed + Responsiveness. CompTracker does a lot of thinking, and with some settings we have to work harder to make your experience faster. With all of the upgrades, the processing vs. the view time may be stretched and the different hardware and software in use has to be taken into account. That said, we’ve made it a priority to bring you even more performance improvements as an ongoing part of all of our work.

3) Preceptor adoption/compliance. Many different factors may underpin adoption or compliance. Preceptors may not have ready access to computers, feel pressed for time, or may not be comfortable using technology. Geography and Industry norms can play huge roles in this process.
  • From a 2010 Saskatchewan Health Sciences Preceptor study1:
    “ ... regardless of age, the likelihood of converting non-users to users is slim. In the words of one interviewee: ‘They either are or aren't comfortable with [technology] - there's no middle ground.’”
  • The good news is:
    "Regardless of personal attitudes and usage, interviewees see technology as increasingly common and important."

So what can we DO?

  • Individual preceptor or small group discussion may help to draw out more information and to reinforce personal relationships that many of us prize so highly. Sharing role information, working conditions and challenges may lead to developing a better mutual understanding. At the very least, most people just appreciate being 'heard.' We will facilitate sessions such as this!
  • Potential outcomes from discussion could include further web or video training, informal or formal recognition of contributions, or providing other self-serve resources.

Time will tell

From the same Preceptor study,
"Expect significant growth in the use of the technology as generational change occurs... Change is inevitably gradual in such environments [where paper has been used]... there is a distinct advantage to establishing a technological base sooner rather than later... while the technology can be strengthened and adapted to changing needs and expectations from a well established base."

What are your experiences or ideas? We’re here to help: contact Wendy or Kathryn to discuss further!

1  SAHSN / U of S, Environmental Scan for the Development of a Provincial Preceptor Website, Draft Report, June 9, 2010, HJ Linnen Associates.
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