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Wednesday, October 21 2009

Blackberry, Apple, Palm, Windows, Google - all the big names of smartphones are battling it out to win the social media game with their new and improved handsets.

"Smartphones are going mass market, fuelled by the public's "insatiable appetite" for social media, analysts say."

This article explains that despite the worldwide economic crisis, smartphone sales are still booming - with no signs of slowing down soon. 

"The mobile internet is at the same stage as the internet was in 1998," (and we all know how that one turned out...)

Canada is behind the charge since mass market usage of data-centric devices means we have to be able to afford the transfers.  The current monopolized cell phone usage rates in Canada restricts our cell phone users to capitalize on full use of new technology available.

"It is no longer about whether a phone can access the internet but how well."


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