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 CompTracker Blog 
Tuesday, June 23 2009

Please join us to celebrate our new home

at an Open House

Friday, July 17, 2009
5:30 to 8:00 p.m.

6827 - 104 Street
[Calgary Trail]
Edmonton, Alberta

Cocktails & Hors D'oeuvres will be served

Come and join us for Games, Fun, and Prizes!

please RSVP to

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Wednesday, June 17 2009

You may have noticed within the CompTracker 5.0 requirements, that specially designed stylus' will be required to capture signatures while using CompTracker on an Apple® iPhone or iPod Touch device.  Without this stylus, your Instructors won't be able to sign your progress - because these devices are designed to only respond to finger touch!

Lucky for you, we have arranged a special discount offer with a Canadian distributor of these items and TONS of other accessories for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Simply use the Discount Code "COMPTRACKER" when you're checking out and you will receive a 10% DISCOUNT!  This is a better deal than you will find with ANY American online dealer!

Here are the links to the stylus product pages:

Original Pogo Stylus (attaches to your device)

Pogo Sketch Stylus (finer point)


QCS also recommends:

ZAGG Invisible Shield, for iPhone or iPod Touch
(Reason: since you're gathering LOTS of signatures on your device, you probably want to protect the screen from stylus use.)

There are lots of other great deals on accessories, like cases and headsets, so check it out and remember to use "COMPTRACKER" as your Discount Code to get 10% off!


(In case you're wondering, Great Big Solutions does not profit financially from ANY sales through QCS Accessories, and DOES NOT guarantee or warrantee these products.  Read the QCS website for terms, conditions, and return policies BEFORE making a purchase.)


Happy Tracking!


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Wednesday, June 10 2009

SPEC Conference St John's, June 30 - July 3, 2009

Great Big Solutions and CompTracker are once again proud sponsors of this year's event.  I had a great time mingling in Victoria last year, and hope to see you this year also!


Speakers include leading pre-hospital educators from across Canada from B.C. to Newfoundland and Labrador. Presentations include:

  • Strategies to Maximize the Impact of Teaching and Learning
  • Strategies to Maximize Your Teaching Performance
  • Strangers, Gods, Monsters, and Learning Theory
  • The use of High Fidelity Simulation in EMS Education
  • What do we mean by "Clinical Judgment"?
  • The Student as Teacher
  • The Influence of Stress on Clinical Performance
  • Panel Discussion - How do we maintain consistency between evaluators?
  • Interactive session to explore the instructors' tool kit of learning activities
  • Focus group discussions

Kathryn Fraser from Great Big Solutions will be in attendance from July 2-3, in case you have burning questions about CompTracker or want to grab a coffee!


Download the brochure for more information and how to attend:

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Thursday, June 04 2009

Wondering how PDAs and website functions are going to collaborate in CompTracker Version 5.0 coming out this September?  Here are the answers!

Just so you are aware of our intentions regarding the use of PDAs with CompTracker: it will never go away!  We are expanding the use of certain parts of the system to bring you more BENEFITS (see the GREAT BENEFITS below) but there will ALWAYS be a need for mobile data capture if paper systems are to be eliminated in every possible aspect of our clients' needs!

You will still REQUIRE your students to use PDAs if you:

  • ... don't know who all of your preceptors are in advance of sending your students to site (enough information to give them EACH their own CompTracker login).  You will need the PDA to capture these users' signatures.
  • ... are trying to get rid of paper completely and your students are going to need to enter some information while in an "offline" setting (or an inconvenient location to get to a connected computer).  You will need the PDA to enter the information as needed, instead of jotting notes and trying to remember missed information at a computer later on.
  • ... want to capture REAL signatures as opposed to electronic (this is based on personal/school preference ONLY; secure electronic signatures are still as binding as signing).  This is also preferred by some accrediting bodies, so you might want to check before making the decision.
  • ... need students to use PDAs in Clinical or Field settings and want them to practice during labs.  This will give them exposure to the PDA interface before the high stress environment of the real world practice site, giving them one less thing to worry about on their practicum.

You will NOT require students to use PDAs if:

  • ... your students are tracking in a lab setting, where enough computers are available for students to use individually, AND none of the criteria in the first section applies.
  • ... the program is still using paper logbooks to track real-time, and your students are using CompTracker at this stage strictly for duplication into electronic format and approvals (AND none of the criteria in the first section applies).
  • ... NONE of the criteria in the first section applies.

Some GREAT benefits you can reap in having the extended COLLABORATION of PDA and website technology:

  • ... students can enter critical data at the point of care on their PDA, and then expand on their work after uploading to the website, before submission.  This will give them the opportunity to provide more detailed treatment histories and feedback/comments.
  • ... students who have hardware trouble or are in the process of receiving a device will have another entry point when necessary.
  • ... you can still control where the actions happen, so students and instructors can either have the option or be forced one way or the other, depending on your program needs.

If you're still wondering what all of this means for YOU, give me a call!  Or add your comments here, maybe you have a question that is on everyone's mind.

Thanks for reading!  I look forward to providing more valuable information through this blog, so please subscribe so you can stay tuned!


Happy tracking,


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