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Through the use of mobile devices and a SECURE website, CompTracker enables students, instructors, and administrators to REPLACE the old PAPER ways of tracking students.

CompTracker is an EASIER, GREENER way to know what's happening with your students while they're on practicums!

  • Configure your course requirements so you know where each student stands,
  • make updates IN A SNAP as regulations change in your industry,
  • CLICK for reports...

NO MORE messing with paper!

To see how CompTracker could start working for YOU, please contact us!

info [at] studentlogbook [dot] com


"We recently received our second consecutive six-year accreditation status for our PCP program to compliment our six year status of our existing ACP program.  During this process I was reminded why I chose Great Big Solutions and CompTracker for the tracking of our students. The current format we use in lab, clinical and preceptorship and a cross-referencing of a patient chart to the competencies certainly aided in validating the student's completed competencies.  The transition was transparent and has saved countless hours of cross-referencing and validating, allowing me to focus on students and student retention.  I have also had many comments from preceptors complimenting us in the new "Green" approach to evaluation in these days when global warming is in every discussion.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with the product and I am positive, that because of the tracking system we have in place with the use of CompTracker, this certainly aided the college in obtaining full accreditation status."

- Kevin Branch, MEd, BHSc. PHC; Coordinator, Paramedic Programs; Cambrian College

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